Rodney Wells
My Name Is
Rodney Wells.
I Try To Build Cool Stuff!

"What's Your Deal, Anyways?"

  • Pursuing Penn State Degree
    7th Semester Computer Science Student, with a 3.63 GPA.
  • Computer Scientist
    Lots of experience with C++, C#, and Java development, with an Algorithmic mindset and a developing understanding of Computer Architecture.
  • Web Development Experience
    Core web technologies, backend work (C# PHP, SQL). Co-op Experience at an automation firm with web application focus.
  • Runner
    I love to run!
    5k PR - 21:35
    10k PR - 52:55

Check Out What I've Been Up To!

  • Java Paint Application
  • Java IM Messenger
  • Unity Game - Marble Run
  • Unity Demo - WinterWonderland
  • C++ Console Solitaire
  • ...and much, much more!

Previous Experiences

  • Penn State University - Teachers Assistant CMPSC 122
    Teachers assistant for an introductory Object Oriented design course. Worked with students to teach fundamental OOP concepts and applications, such as linked lists and trees, in C++. Graded weekly homework labs.
  • Software Developer Co-op - Rovisys
    Co-op with the Rovisys as a Software Developer. Developed interal web applications with modern technologies and frameworks, such as SASS,, and AngularJS. Helped to research and implement a central login server implementation of IdentityServer v3. Used the version control system Team Foundation Server to document my work.
  • ???
    Who knows where my next adventure will be? Pirateering in the Carribean? Outerspace exploration with NASA?

    ...or perhaps I'll stick with Software Engineering. And it could be with your company! Contact me below!

Skills, in Order of Confidence!

Let's Get in Contact

This website was created by Rodney Wells. Bower, Google Polymer, Jquery, MatterJS, Hover.css. March 2016.
The New
Here's my description of what i've done!
The New
Working directly with a client to create their vision was an experience that taught me a lot about web development. is a product of a joint effort between myself and Nicholas Nasibyan of Erie, Pennsylvania, an up and coming professional pianist. The website features a dynamic backend written in PHP with a login system the Nicholas can use to log in and edit his website in the browser.
Java PaintApplication
A "Microsoft Paint" style appliction, which you can use to draw various shapes, as well as free draw, textures, and patterns. You can even save your work to your computer, or print it to a local printer to share with your friends!
Java IM Application
An asnynchronous Java application. Launch the server, and share the client file with your friends to chat!
Marble Run
A game that I developed in Unity for a Game Development Final Project. Marble run uses the Unity Physics engine to create a fully featured marble rolling adventure. The game even has a reasonable difficulty curve, sound and visual effects, as well scaling game mechanics that culminate in an all inclusive final level.
Unity Technical Demonstration - Winter Wonderland
A small, playable demo of a man living inside of a snowy mountaintop. It was my goal to make this scene as aesthetically pleasing as possible, with particle effects and texturing that create a realistic, snowy environment.
Solitaire - In the Console!
This is one of my first projects, from Freshman year. A fully functioning and winnable version of Solitaire, entirely in the console. The program has a "gui" in the console, and even has a rudimentary help system for players to learn the game.
If you're reading this text, then you're looking at this project right now! This is the second version of my portfolio website, built using Jquery, Hover.css, bower, and Google Polymer.
Check out my GitHub!
I have a few other various projects on GitHub, so feel free to check out what i've been up to at the link below!